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Frankie Radake lives out lifelong dream of owning a ProMod!


Midwest Drag Racing Series

Frankie Radake lives out lifelong dream of owning a ProMod!

Frankie Radake has MWDRS Race Debut after a lifelong dream of Pro Mod Racing!!
We are excited to announce that Frank Radake had his Stroud Safety Pro Modified debut at the Mid-West Drag Racing Series race! With the unwavering support of his incredible sponsors, he is set to step into the world of ProMod racing.

Local Businesses Rally in Support: Frankie told us “We are proud to have the backing of several local businesses who will be joining us this Saturday to cheer on our team!”
Avenue Auto (our first sign-up and a friendly competitor)
Sharky Clean Powerwashing
Kenny’s Bar & Grill
The Wedge Tavern
Rick Thomas 3rd Concrete
Mama’s on the Hill
Sky High Travel

Meet the Crew: “Our crew is led by Crew Chief Ed Briggs, with lots of help from:
Nick Bacalis
Rick Conway
Kevin Karns
Haney Karns (the heart of the team, ensuring everyone is well-fed, hydrated, and motivated)
The entire crew at Larry Jeffers Race Cars (LJRC)

A Dream Come True: This debut marks a significant milestone for Frankie, who has dreamed of owning a ProMod for as long as he can remember. After meeting Keith, he now proudly owns a car built for Keith, with “a bunch of parts” from Jay Cox and a motor from Brad at WYO, purchased in a back alley behind PRI.

Racing History: Frankie has a rich history of racing, having competed at World Wide Technology Raceway since "it went the other way" and consistently participating in NMCA events since its ProMedia days. The LJRC team has been working tirelessly around the clock to ensure the car is ready for its grand debut.
He went on to give the story of “signing up for the previous Mid-West Drag Racing Series in his bracket car so he could be in the pits with all of the promod racers. I just wanted to be around these cars and talk with the drivers and builders.”
He developed a relationship with Larry Jeffers, and when it came time “he was the first person I called! We looked at several cars over several weeks. I was seriously looking at another car, then this one became available and Larry told me this is the one. We jumped on it right away and made a deal on the roller. Larry went over the car, updating anything that needed it.”

We are so excited for Frankie to live this dream! To work so hard and achieve a lifelong dream is astonishing to witness! Their pits were electric all weekend!
His team would help him work through all the phases of his licensing passes throughout the weekend, with him making several 330’ full throttle passes. We visited him after his first launch and his excitement was contagious! We look forward to him getting comfortable behind because we know he will be a force in ProMod!

Article Credit: Michael Narx

Submitted By: Michael Narx

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