MWDRS Marketing Partners

MW - Summit Racing Equipment
MW - JA Service
MW - Atomizer Racing Injectors
MW - VP Race Fuels
MW - UEM Pistons  Rings
MW - Stroud
MW - Total Seal Piston Rings
MW - Race Star Wheels
MW - Kryptonite Kustomz
MW - Pit-Pro Custom Carts
MW - Jerry Bickel Race Cars
MW - BJ Racing Transmissions
MW - M and M Transmission
MW - Strange Engineering
MW - Flying A Motorsports
MW - Zimmerman Properties/Construction
MW - Elite Motorsports, LLC
MW - Fuel Tech
MW - Elite HP
MW - PSI Superchargers
MW - Champion Autolift
MW - Lone Star Corporation
MW - Full Throttle Express
MW - Racing Junk
MW - Musi Racing Engines
MW - Stouffer Racing
MW - D Bar D Racing
MW - Rocycle
MW - Keith Haney Racing
MW - Precision Racing Suspension
MW - Callies
MW - Energy Manufacturing
MW - Neal Chance Racing Converters
MW - Performance Bearing

Funny Car

Steven Macklyn

Macklyn Racing
Car: 2013 Ford Mustang
Crew: Mark Macklyn/Ryan Macklyn/Jerry Ostler/Bridgette Ostler
Sponsors: NGK Spark Plugs/CP Carrillo/CleanBoost Oil/B&J Racing Transmissions
Personal best: 3.67 @ 207/5.52 @ 264

Jonathan Johnson

Empire Iron Works
Copeland Race Cars
Elite Motorsports
Bar’s Leaks

Ulf Leanders

Our personal best 1/8 mile is 3.55 @215.09
We are four time European champions in TAFC
Main sponsor is Keith Jacobs with his Jacobs Farms in Alberta Canada. Keith is now inventing machinery and new methods to do large scale no till organic grain farming.