Brian Lewis / Brian Lewis Racing

Hometown & State Wagoner, OK
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 1941 Willys
Engine Combo Brad Anderson 521 cu in Hemi
Best ET & MPH 3.73 @ 199.96
Crew Members Courtney Lewis
Richard Hall, Toni Hall, Zeek Hall
Sponsors & Special Thanks B&C Services, LLC & special thanks to Jeff Holloway, STROUD Safety, Jeff Pierce Race Car Tuning, Squeaky Klean Auto Detail, A1 Auto Body and Kryptonite Kustoms.
Robert Costa / CJR Racing

Hometown & State Albuquerque, New Mexico
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 1967 Mustang
Engine Combo MBR Procharger
Best ET & MPH 3.87 197
Crew Members Julie Costa
Shawn Jones, Johnny Guiterrez, Hagen Peterson
Sponsors & Special Thanks Yearwood Performance
Albuquerque Dragway
Miner Brothers Racing Engines
Quick Drive
Daniel Pharris / Galot Motorsports

Hometown & State Sikeston Mo
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 69 Camaro
Engine Combo PLR Hemi
Best ET & MPH 3.59@209
Crew Members Andrew Alepa, Tim Davis, Steve Petty, Josh Watson, Craig Pettis
Sponsors & Special Thanks Proline Racing
Fueltech, Hoosier tires, VP Racing Fuels, ProCharger, M&M Transmissions, NGK Spark plugs
74 Auto
Jason Lee / R&E Racing LLC

Hometown & State Vernon, CA
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 1969 Camaro
Engine Combo Noonan ProCharger
Best ET & MPH 3.59 @ 211
Crew Members Cameron Hensley, John Urgo, Eric Gustafson, Ben Liedel, Lyon's Custom Motorsports, Patrick Barnhill
Sponsors & Special Thanks Coast Packing Company, PTP Racing, ProCharger Superchargers, Noonan Engineering, Jimmy Rector, Haltech, Liberty's Gears, Quick Drive Racing, APHIS Injectors, Neal Chance
Mark ‘TYDO’ Werdehausen / Wolverine II

Hometown & State Seymour Missouri
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 1969 Chevy Camaro
Engine Combo 526ci twin turbo hemi
Best ET & MPH 3.77 @ 215
Crew Members
Tyler Slavens, Joe Oplawski , Mike McDaniel, Paul Hedden, Jason Collins, Blaine Marsh
Sponsors & Special Thanks Matt and Anita Zimmerman, Mark Michael. Hyperaktive Performance Solutions, Emtron Engine Management, TYDO Race Cars, Heddens Performance
Eagle Machine, Designed Performace, Menscer Motorsports, Neil Chance Racing Converters
M&M Transmission, Thomsen Motorsports, Jerry Bickel Race Cars
Paint by Jeff Hoskins, White Safety, Dynamic Racing Headers, 12 Volt Performance
Special thanks to my wife for her loving and endless Support
Jerry Hunt / ADHD Racing

Hometown & State St.Louis, MO
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 59 Desoto Fireflite
Engine Combo 522 Noonan Screw Hemi
Best ET & MPH 3.67 @ 207
Crew Members Dawn Hunt
Chad Wilson, Jim Gray, Sarah Gray
Sponsors & Special Thanks Special thanks to Chuck Weck for the opportunity to own yet another one of his great looking cars.
Dustin Nesloney / Nesloney Racing

Hometown & State Orange Grove, Texas
Race Car / Year / Make / Model Bicklel 2017 Camaro
Engine Combo 526 Proline Hemi
Best ET & MPH 3.67 @ 207
Crew Members Cody Childress
Brandon Stroud, Wesley Ice, Brent Riley
Sponsors & Special Thanks Force Pressure Control
Proline Racing
My Beautiful Wife and Kids
Keith Goolsby / KG Racing

Hometown & State Branson, MO
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 57 Chevy
Engine Combo PSI Screw / WYO Hemi
Best ET & MPH New Combo
Crew Members Chelsea Clark - Scott Palmer - Rick Ducusin - Jamie Sumner - Jarrod Tice
Sponsors & Special Thanks Champion Auto Lift
PSI Superchargers, Neal Chance Racing Converters, WYO Motorsports, Desert Automotive
Tony Strachan / Strachan Racing

Hometown & State Boyd, TX
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2014 Camaro
Engine Combo 959 fuel injected Reher
Best ET & MPH 3.68 205
Crew Members Melanie Strachan, Matt Jones, Carrie Jones, Jeff Noble, Dylan Catlett, Jackie Hardy
Sponsors & Special Thanks Did truck and trailer repair
Tim Heiges / Heiges Performance

Hometown & State Traverse city Michigan
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 1963 corvette
Engine Combo Blown Chevy 540
Best ET & MPH 4.15/180
Crew Members Amy Heiges Don Heiges Ed Polk
Sponsors & Special Thanks Heiges performance
Joe Chrisman / Tranz Act Motorsports

Hometown & State Indianapolis, IN
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2000 Dodge Stratus
Engine Combo 510 Hemi
Best ET & MPH 4.27@ 178
Crew Members Joe Chrisman, Todd Gates
Sponsors & Special Thanks UEM and Icon pistons
DSR and DSM, Tranz Act Transmission and Racing Engines
Greg Risk race cars, Quarter max and RJ race cars, RPM performance products
Keco performance coatings
Brandon Lewis / Lewis Racing

Hometown & State Coweta Oklahoma
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 1963 split window chevy corvette
Engine Combo 528 inch noonan
Best ET & MPH 3.60@212
Crew Members Dave Lewis, Jason Tessier, Daniel Dvorak, Jessica Lewis
Sponsors & Special Thanks UniFirst
A-1 Auto body
Squeaky Klean auto detailing
Kurt Riffel / Riffel Motorsports

Hometown & State Newton KS
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 63 Chevrolet Corvette
Engine Combo 540 BBC
Best ET & MPH 3.80’s
Crew Members Shelly Riffel
Sponsors & Special Thanks
Procharger— Neal Chance Racing Converters—Extreme Brand Products—Flip O Matic Transmission—Henson Racing Engines—Weingartner Racing
Joey Ballsonya Oksas / Oksas Motorsports

Hometown & State Fremont, CA
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 1967 Ford Mustang
Engine Combo 525 CI BAE Hemi, Twin Turbos
Best ET & MPH 1/8 Mile: 3.690 & 219.26, 1/4 Mile: 5.590 @ 265.01
Crew Members Scott Oksas (Dad), Anthony Oksas (Brother), Jeff Pierce, Roger Rompal, Keith Howard, Kelley Murphy and Chris Good
Sponsors & Special Thanks Payless Water Heaters, Jeff Pierce Racecar Tuning, Rick Jones Racecars,, Elite Motorsports, M&M Transmission, Precision Racing Suspension, BAE, LAT Racing Oils, Hoosier Tires, Stroud Safety, Brandt Racing and Precision Turbo

Robert Gallegos / Gallegos Family Racing

Hometown & State Santa Fe, NM
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 41 Willys
Engine Combo Proline Procharged Hemi
Best ET & MPH 3.70 @ 200mph
Crew Members Grant O'Rourke, Kyle Pettis, Lee White
Wife and Daughters
Sponsors & Special Thanks PPG, Custom Craft Auto Collision, Proline Racing, Lat Oils

Todd Martin / Lethal Threat

Hometown & State Nichols Hills Oklahoma
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 1968 Mustang
Engine Combo 526 Hemi
Best ET & MPH 3.66 206 MWDRS trim Unlimited 3.52 219
Crew Members Bill Chase, Tony, Frank Turner, Jim Foster, Tim Loyd
Sponsors & Special Thanks Lenco, Diamond Pistons, MGP Rods, Manton rockers
Summit, CN Blocks, Stroud, Taylor Safety

“Plasticman” Ed Thornton / D Bar D Racing

Hometown & State Chino Hills, California
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 1970.5 Chevrolet Camaro
Engine Combo 522/482 Cu In Stewart Racing BAE Hemi
Best ET & MPH 3.67- 221.49 mph
Crew Members Derrol Hubbard, Tom Esbri, Doug Stewart, Shane Tecklenburg, Derrick Luedtka,
Rayce Thornton, Leith Tecklenburg
Sponsors & Special Thanks Derrol Hubbard
Lenco Racing, Quick Drive Racing, M&M Transmissions, Precision Turbo and Engine
Turbosmart, JB’s CNC Machining, Tuned By Shane T, SU Sand Cars

Reggie Richard

Hometown & State Forney, TX
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2018/Chevy/Camro
Engine Combo 959 TRE Nit
Best ET & MPH 00.00
Crew Members Mark Gobert, Micah Gobert, Billy Kennedy, Rene Gobert
Sponsors & Special Thanks Denali Services & Transport, LLC
Jeff Rudolf / Rudolf Motorsports

Hometown: Brownsburg, IN

Race Car: 2018 LJRC 1969 Camaro SS

Engine: 525 BBC

Best ET / MPH: 3.79 @ 217 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Rudolf Excavating, Extreme Brand Products,  Hoosier Tire, P.TEN Marketing
Jim Sackuvich / Sackuvich Motorsports

Hometown & State Raymore, Missouri

Race Car / Year / Make / Model 1969 Chevy Camaro SS

Engine Combo 959 CI Nitrous-Injected

Best ET & MPH 3.69 @ 205

Crew Members Brandon Switzer, Lisa Sackuvich, Andy Copeland, Bob Copeland
Jimmy Sackuvich

Sponsors & Special Thanks Switzer Dynamics, Flying A Motorsports
Pat Musi Racing Engines, Jerry Bickel Race Cars, Hoosier Tire Midwest, NTK Sensors
Cool Shirt Systems
Jim Widener / Widener/Bischoff Racing

Hometown & State BATESVILLE, IN

Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2017 Chevy Corvette

Engine Combo BES Built 954

Best ET & MPH 3.69 @ 203

Sponsors & Special Thanks Ross Pistons, Induction Solutions, Holley EFI, Chris Duncan Race Cars, GRP Rods, VP Fuels, Brisk Plugs.
Jim Phillips / Big Nasty


Race Car / Year / Make / Model MCAMIS 68 CAMARO SS

Engine Combo SCREW BLOWN BAE 521

Best ET & MPH 3.75 @ 204

Crew Members Randy Douglas Donnie , Fluf , Geno , Tony , John sr. George

Sponsors & Special Thanks special thanks to my wife Melody Jim Phillips Collision Center John Sullivan Racing all the guys and gals at our shop and the good Lord Jesus Christ for his many blessings. John Sullivan Jr. for his driving all he and his crew have done to help our program along with Donnie Sykes
Travis Brandt / High Voltage Motorsports

Hometown & State Katy Texas

Race Car / Year / Make / Model 1968 Camaro RS/SS

Engine Combo 526 Hemi PSI Screw blower

Best ET & MPH 3.74 /205 MPH

Crew Members Paul Brandt - owner, Daniel Moore, Jarod Brown, Jeff Cumins

Sponsors & Special Thanks Brandt Electrical AC & Heating
Judd Coffman / JRC Performance

Hometown & State Ashmore IL

Race Car / Year / Make / Model 67 Shelby

Engine Combo Twin turbo AJ 481x

Best ET & MPH 3.66 @ 213

Crew Members Stormie Coffman, Dana Kutz, Gina Harris, Rick Coffman, Jamie Rigdon
Joe Rigdon

Sponsors & Special Thanks Race Star Wheels, Rigdon Trucking, VP race fuels, Lary Rhodes, Oakley Motorsports, Travis Quillen
Wayne Roberts / TEAMWIR

Hometown & State : Valley Center

Race Car / Year / Make / Model : 2011 CORVETTE

Engine Combo : 526 WR MOTORSPORTS HEMI

Best ET & MPH : 3.69 @ 200 MPH

Crew Members :
Andrew Roberts crew chief, Allen Grimm car chief, Kyle Easter quality assurance chief, Jeb Simpson diver chief.

Sponsors & Special Thanks :
WR Motorsports, Roberts TV
Special thanks to my brother Jim Roberts, my wife Laura, all my race fans and family. Plus a big thank you to Keith Haney for putting together the Pro Mod Series around and to all the businesses and people who help me get to the races and cheer us on!
Craig Sullivan / Craig Sullivan Motorsports

Hometown & State : Avon IN

Race Car / Year / Make / Model : Barnburner 1969 Dodge Daytona

Engine Combo / Dmpe/WildIrish Hemi, screw

Best ET & MPH / 3.72 @ 206mph

Crew Members Tom Radloff, Andy Smith, Joe Oplawski,
Sponsors & Special Thanks Hiatus Tequila
DMPE, Mickey Thompson, TBM, Clevite, Callies, GRP, Diamond, M&M trans, Renegade race fuels, Extreme Oil.
Justin Wake / Schott Motorsports

Hometown: Clovis, CA

Race Car: 53 Corvette

521 BAR

Best ET / MPH:
5.74 @ 254 mph

Crew: Wayne Schott, Joe Bettencourt, Doyle Quinn

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Tiger Construction, Shortys Fabrication, Bettencourt Motorsports
Frankie “Mad Man” Taylor / Taylor Racing

Hometown: Dickinson, TX

Race Car: Larry Jeffers C5 Corvette

572 Hemi

Best ET / MPH:
3.485 @ 216 mph

Paul Taylor- Crew Chief
/ Jeremy Parsley- Crew / Benjy Lapp- Crew / Sponsor
Cindy Taylor- Boss Lady
/ Emily Taylor- Back up Babe / Natalie Parsley- Crew

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Snap On- Benjy Lapp, Renegade Oil & Fuel, Alepa Racing, Taylor Towing
Bubba Stanton / Bubba Stanton Racing

Hometown: Potts Camp, MS

Race Car: 1969 Camaro

Engine: 525 BAE

Best ET / MPH: 3.51 @ 219 MPH

Crew: Danny Stanton, Brian Mosby, Jason Hutcheson

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Keith Haney Racing
Chad Green / Chad Green Motorsports

Hometown: Midland, Texas

Race Car: 2017 Corvette

Engine: 959 Musi

Best ET / MPH: 3.69 @ 205 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Bond-Coat, Inc.,
Pat Musi Race Engines & Jerry Bickel Race Cars
Ed Emerson / Emerson Motorsports

Hometown: Jefferson City, MO

Race Car: 68 Camaro

521 BAE

Best ET / MPH: TBA

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Cody Barklage and My Family
SnapOn, Starting Line Motorsports, Eagle Machine, Schaeffer’s Oil and Jimmy Rector
Randy Merick / LJRC Racing

Hometown: Bismarck, MO

Race Car: 1979 LJRC - C3 Corvette

521 Screw Blown Hemi

Best ET / MPH:
3.65 @ 207 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Ed Briggs, Todd Tutterow,
Larry Jeffers, Keith Civey, Extreme Brand Products,
LJRC Race Cars, Twin Lakes Whitetails
Aaron Wells / Wells Motorsports

Hometown: Okalahoma City, OK

Race Car: 67 Shelby GT-500

Engine: DMPE 521 Hemi

Best ET / MPH: 3.64 @ 209 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks: DMPE, Inc., Chance Converters, Quick Drive, Redline Oil Products,
Jerry Bickel Race Cars, Double Down Performance
Chuck Weck / GTFM Racing

Hometown: Marengo, Illinois

Race Car: 59 Saratoga "Clifford The Big Red Dog"

522 Noonan

Best ET / MPH: New Combo

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Recchia Racing, Jeffers Race Cars, Napleton Auto Group, Bruno Transmissions & Fowler Engines
Jonas Aleshire / CDRC

Hometown: Manito, Illinois

Race Car: 2006 Z06 Corvette

526 Flamholc Racing

Best ET / MPH:
3.62 @ 208.84 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Chris Duncan Race Cars
Jeff "El Jeffe" Cummins / NTG

Hometown: Katy, TX

Race Car: 2019 Mustang Gt 350

Engine: 526 BAE

Best ET / MPH
: 3.69 207 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks: New Tech staffing, Cummins Motorsports
Brandt AC and Heating Services, Brandt Electrical, Taylor Automotive
Jeff Jones / PJS Racing

Hometown: Weatherford

Race Car: 2016 C7 Corvette

Engine: 526 Hemi Screw Blown

Best ET / MPH: 3.68 @ 208mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks: Imperial Construction, 4K Companies,
Sunbelt Glaziers, Clark Real Estate, Frankenstein Engine Dynamics,
Diamond Pistons, LAT Racing Oils
Mike Recchia / Chicago Muscle

Hometown: Roselle, IL

Race Car: 1969 Camaro Pace Car

Engine: AJ 526 Hemi

Best ET / MPH: 3.541 @ 215

Sponsors / Special Thanks: Agrow Fresh Produce, Abbate Screw Products
Bensenville Screw Products, Dandee Packaging
Legend Racing
Duane Rister / Rister Motorsports

Hometown: Alton, IL

Race Car: 05 C5 Corvette

Engine: 521 BAE Noonan screw

Best ET / MPH: 3.69 @ 205mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks: Rister's Auto & Trans Alton, IL, McKay Auto Parts Godfrey, IL
Woodruff Racing Engines Virden, IL, DynoTech Racing Engines Bethalto, IL
Randy Adler / A-Team

Hometown: Monee IL

Race Car: 1957 Chevy Bel Air

Engine: 521 CI Hemi with a Screw Blower

Best ET / MPH: 3.706@207

Sponsors / Special Thanks: A-Team Speed Shop, Sub Trailer Tow and Hitch, Brian Robbins
David Monday / Monday Race Cars

Hometown: Maryville, TN

Race Car: 63 and 2019 corvettes

Engine: 521 screw blown hemi. 598 Procharger HEMI

Best ET / MPH
: 3.64 @206

Sponsors / Special Thanks: Buzick Const, Tom & Donna Blincoe
Justin Jones / Pesz-Jones Racing Enterprises

Hometown: Weatherford, TX

Race Car: 2019 C7 Corvette

Engine: 526 Frankenstein Engine Dynamic Hemi

Best ET / MPH: 3.701 @ 206

Sponsors / Special Thanks: Imperial Construction, Frankenstien Engine Dyanamics, JDJ Logistics, Sunbelt Glaizers, Clark Real Estate, 4K Companies. Special Thanks to all of our sponsors for allowing us to do what we love to do.
Tommy Cunningham

Hometown: Murray, Kentucky


Engine: Blower

Best ET / MPH: TBD

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Cunningham Machine
Bob Storie / Storie Racing

Hometown: Newalla, OK

1963 Split Window Chevy Corvette

Engine: 540 Roots

Best ET / MPH: 4.06 @ 181 mph
The Maniac "EJ Hickl" / Crimeboss

Hometown: Sweeny, TX

1941 Willy's

Engine: Hemi

Best ET / MPH: 3.80 @ 196 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Bengy Lapp, My wife Kimberly and son Slade
Jon Stouffer / Stouffer Racing

Hometown: Neosho, MO

'71 HEMI 'Cuda

Engine: BAE Hemi

Best ET / MPH: 3.59 @ 209.50 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Scott Palmer, Rick Ducusin & John Goade
Keith Haney / Keith Haney Racing

Hometown: Broken Arrow OK
Race Car / Year / Make / Model Jerry Bickel Black Mamba 2019 Chevrolet Camaro
Engine Combo Pat Musi 959
Best ET & MPH 3.65 @207.91
Crew Members Wife: Misty Haney
Crew: Shane Goodnight, Dale Hancock, Bobby Savedra (Ricky Bobby), Steve Cooks

Kids: Logan Haney, Madison Haney, Alex Haney, Braylee Blevens, Kilee Blevens

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Ron Muenks / Dave's RV Purple Gorilla Racing

Hometown: Strafford, MO

The Purple Gorilla

Engine: 959 Reher-Morrison

Best ET / MPH: 3.625 @ 207.82 mph

Sponsors / Special Thanks:
Dave's Claremore RV, FuelTech, Jerry Bickel Race Cars, Reher-Morrison, M&M Transmissions, Atomizer Injectors, Nitrous Outlet, Racers for Christ, Amsoil, Kinetic Engineering, Neil Chance Converters, Kryptonite Kustomz, Hoosier Tires, Mark Williams