VP Racing Fuels Continues as Official Fuel for MWDRS

TULSA, OK (Mar. 9, 2021) -- From the beginning for the Summit Racing Mid-West Drag Racing Series (MWDRS) presented by J&A Service, VP Racing Fuels has been there since 2017 as the official fuel supplier.

"Our reputation has always been based on performance and we consider ourselves the best, so we always want to align ourselves with the best series, the best racing. Ever since Keith (Haney) and I started talking about five years ago I knew the Mid-West Drag Racing Series was going to be a perfect match," says Jason Rueckert, VP's regional manager for its Midwest office in Terre Haute, IN.

"It's indispensable to have long-term supporters like Jason and VP Racing Fuels onboard with us," says Haney, founder, owner and promoter of the all-eighth-mile organization based out of Tulsa, OK. "Having continuity among our official sponsors not only provides stability and confidence among our racers and other marketing partners, but having a trusted official fuel supplier means our racers always know they can rely on high-quality fuels to burn in their high-horsepower racing engines."

With a VP Racing Fuels distributor present at most MWDRS events, or authorized outlets nearby if an official representative is unavailable, VP can provide racing fuel for every class that runs in the Mid-West Series, all the way up to the marquee Pro Mod and Top Alcohol Funny Car classes.

"It's not a spec fuel or anything," Rueckert clarifies, "but yeah, every one of the Mid-West Series classes can use a VP Fuels product. And VP does way more than just racing fuels. Traction compounds, oil (our performance lubricants are amazing), we've got passenger car wheels, we're branding gas stations, opening up car washes, oil change places, all kinds of things going on. And we have consumer products so we can even market to the audience at these events, products like small-engine fuels for lawn mowers and that kind of stuff."

Reukert says he hopes to personally attend two or three MWDRS events this year, schedule permitting. Regardless, he'll be keeping a close tab on not only VP's involvement, but on the competition as it plays out through an eight-race season.

"We love being involved in racing and with the Mid-West Drag Racing Series," he stresses. "I mean, we are just ingrained in it, and you know, there's a lot of employees at VP that are just like myself, just hardcore racers who enjoy the thrill of competition. And again, you know, the Mid-West Series provides some awesome side-by-side racing that's just great for the fans."

The 2021 schedule for the Summit Racing Mid-West Drag Racing Series presented by J&A Service opens Mar. 19-20, at Xtreme Raceway Park in Ferris, TX. Additional stops at Belle Rose, LA; Tulsa, OK (twice); Houston, TX; Great Bend, KS; and Martin, MI, will follow, with a return to Ferris in October for the 2021 season finale.

Photo courtesy MWDRS/Ian Tocher

The Summit Racing Equipment Mid-West Drag Racing Series is an all-eighth-mile, no-profit organization funded entirely through marketing partnerships and passed along to benefit MWDRS host tracks (typically about $10,000). The Mid-West Drag Racing Series also provides trackside sponsor banners to be displayed at each event, on-site PA sponsor announcements, and links to each company on the MWDRS website (www.MidWestDragRacingSeries.com), plus an extensive social-media presence, texts and e-mail blasts, and commercials during all events. Complete class rules are posted on the MWDRS website.