John Lorbiecki
Race Team Name Fuelish Flyer
Hometown & State Oconomowoc WI
Race Car / Year / Make / Model N&P Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster
Engine Combo 417 Donovan
Best ET & MPH 5.9 @ 240
Crew Members Crew Chief: Dale Suhr - NTF Legend and former owner/ Tuner of the Orange Crate NTF dragsters. Vietnam Veteran.

Driver: Capt John “Nitro” Lorbiecki - current F-35 Instructor Pilot. Former F-16 pilot and F-16 crew chief.

Greatest crew in the world: - Mike McDonough, Steve Duckworth, Matt Duckworth, Rick Shepard, John Lorbiecki Sr, Dan Voight. Sue Suhr.
Sponsors & Special Thanks Custom Floaters

Competition Products

In Honor and Memory of Maj Rocky “Hawk” Jones. F-16 pilot, badass, and friend.
  Dave Belock
Race Team Name Time Bandit Racing
Hometown & State Garrettsville Ohio
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2007 Competition Fabrications Front Engine Dragster ions
Engine Combo 427 Big Chevy
Best ET & MPH 6.29 @ 230
Crew Members Jim & Diane Orban
Russell Oliver
Cathy Rohrer
Rick & Sharon Boes
Garrett Robinson
Tim Mathews
Stephan Windhorst
Bruce Carson
Michelle Mcnutt
Sponsors & Special Thanks Saw Service & Supply
Tru-Grinding Inc.
Mark Johnson
  Bob Malloy
Race Team Name Beedy & Malloy
Hometown & State Alsip
Race Car / Year / Make / Model Front engine dragster 2009
Engine Combo 469 Donovan. Injected Nitro
Best ET & MPH 6.42 @ 218
Crew Members Dave Brown- driver
Bob Malloy
Mike Moore
Carl Brown
Bernie Bartella
Sean Bartella
Gavin Moore
Logan moore
Sponsors & Special Thanks Custom Floaters.
Coating Specialties.
  Tim Cullinan
Race Team Name Irish car bomb
Hometown & State Franklin Park
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2009 Stephens 225"
Engine Combo 413 hemi blown fuel
Best ET & MPH 5.82/251
Crew Members Timmy Cullinan- crew chief
George Boyle- bottom end/piston racks
Dempsey glass- top end
Brighton -bottom end, tires
Steve nagel- starter -clutch assistant
Jack lorzel- fuel mixer-floater
Tim Cullinan- owner- driver- tuner
Pamela McNabb- good and t-shirts
Sponsors & Special Thanks Cam2 oil
J.p. Phillips,Inc
M&h tires
Arias piston
Earp fuel pumps
SSI supercharger
  Adam Sorokin
Race Team Name Champion Speed Shop
Hometown & State La Crescenta, Ca
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2019 McKinney
Engine Combo 377 cu in small Block Chevy
Best ET & MPH Best ET: 5.62ET, Best MPH: 261.7MPH
Crew Members Bob McLennan (owner)
Tony Bernadini
Tony Bennedetti
Brian Hughes
Dave Carkhuff
Tom Homer
Mike Perry
Dave Timmons
Big Johnny (truck driver)
Sponsors & Special Thanks Molinari clutches
  Troy Ray
Race Team Name Wild Side
Hometown & State Knoxville, Tn
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2020 Watts chassis
Engine Combo 426 Hemi
Best ET & MPH NA
Crew Members NA
Sponsors & Special Thanks Dixon Fabrication
Custom Corner Accents
Applied cutting technology
  Larry Gocha
Race Team Name Larry Gocha
Hometown & State Flushing, MI.
Race Car / Year / Make / Model Front engine dragster 2000 Uyehara NTF
Engine Combo Donovan Hemi 396 cu in
Best ET & MPH 6.05 @ 245mph
Crew Members Jason Musselman
Craig Rosencrantz
Doug Becker
Andy Shepse
Sponsors & Special Thanks Custom Floaters
American Metal Craft
Competition Products
  Jason Greenwood
Race Team Name Greenwood Racing
Hometown & State Racine, WI
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2010 Stirling
Engine Combo 426 Hemi
Best ET & MPH 5.98 @254MPH
Crew Members Mel VanDenBerg
Bernie Leonard
Chad VanDenBerg
Taylor VanDenBerg
Toby VanDenBerg
Wally Anderson
Eric Bru
Curt McNally
Sponsors & Special Thanks AMI Information Systems
Custom Floaters
  Jim Murphy
Race Team Name WW2racing
Hometown & State Santa Rosa California
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2017 Neil and Parks dragster
Engine Combo 417 Supercharged Rodeck hemi
Best ET & MPH 5.57——264.87
Crew Members Crew chief: Daniel Wilkison
Mark Keiser
Kevin Lind
Bryce Johnson
Justin Hall
Sponsors & Special Thanks Lucas oil
MH tires
CP pistons and rods
Custom Floaters
Competition products
American metal products
TMT Titanium
  Julius Hughes
Race Team Name Atlanta Speed Shop
Hometown & State Gainesville, Georgia
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2011/Horton/225"FED
Engine Combo BAE 413
Best ET & MPH 1/8- 4.08 / 199, 1/4- 6.04 ,/ 251
Crew Members Brandon Linn, Justin Cruce, James Riechard, Skyler Hawkins,
Krista Hughes, Chris Williamson
Sponsors & Special Thanks Atlanta Speed Shop
Hartman Machine Works
Horton Race Cars
Custom Floaters
  Garry Wheeler
Race Team Name Grand Prix racing
Hometown & State Tulsa Oklahoma
Race Car / Year / Make / Model Front engine dragster 05 uyehera
Engine Combo 405 cid rodeck block AJ heads Littlefield blower6-71
Best ET & MPH 5.93@245
Crew Members Jon Brook ( owner)
John Russell (Crew chief)
Garry Wheeler ( driver)
Josh Wyren ( bottom end)
Mark Cottrell ( clutch)
Trent Work ( head)
Dave People's ( head)
Eric Harrelson ( assistant)
Sponsors & Special Thanks Grand Prix Auto sports center
icon pistons
Molinari clutches
Dj safety
Comp cams
Tulsa raceway park
T&T trucking
Clevite bearings
  Shawn Bowen
Race Team Name The Violator
Hometown & State Montrose, MI
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2019 Bowen Race Car
Engine Combo 413 BAE
Best ET & MPH 5.90@255
Crew Members Mike Bowen
Scott Bowen
Joe Guetschow
Jason Guetschow
Angie Guetschow
Chuck Drath
Steve Timoszyk
Matt Brehmer
Sponsors & Special Thanks Muffler Man of Clio
Bowen Race Cars
Custom Floaters
  Bryan Hall
Race Team Name H&H Nomad
Hometown & State Rio Oso, Ca
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2010 Rooman Front engine dragster
Engine Combo 404ci early hemi
Best ET & MPH 5.74 263 mph
Crew Members Kelley Hall
Don Caldwell
Justin Minahan
Cole Ruchonnet
Jason Hall
Frank Medieros
Brooklyn Hall
Claire Hall
Jordan Frolka
Sponsors & Special Thanks Hertzig Motorsports
Hall Bros
Drag Packs
Nitro Link
Good Vibrations
Deist Safety
Custom Floaters
Riolo Racing Engines
American Metal Craft
Competition Products Shawn Bowen
  Mike Taylor
Race Team Name Taylor racing
Hometown & State Braidwood,il
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2009 Thornhill
Engine Combo 426 hemi
Best ET & MPH 5.88@250
Crew Members Tammy Taylor
Rich Schuler
Eldon Niles
Connor Schuler
Dave kennebeck
Nikki laudont
Sponsors & Special Thanks Custom floaters
Darton sleeves
American metal craft
Ross Pistons
Manton pushrods
Coating specialist
Mike sopko Jr photo..
  Chris O’Reilly
Race Team Name O’Reilly Racing
Hometown & State Twin lakes Wisconsin
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 01 stirling FED
Engine Combo Donovan 417
Best ET & MPH 6.0 230
Crew Members Ken OReilly
Jake Hoffman
Chris OReilly
Sponsors & Special Thanks R&D Thiel
Custom floaters
Competition products
American metal crafters
Michael Anderson
Race Team Name West Texas Hustler
Hometown & State Abilene Tx
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2022 King Chassis Front Engine Dragster
Engine Combo 427 Donovan BBC
Best ET & MPH We will see
Crew Members James Harrell
Paul Schultz
Brian Fox
Mike Irwin
Brandon Anderson
Vanessa Anderson
Sponsors & Special Thanks 4 Way Haulers
John Lorbiecki
Race Team Name Fuelish Flyer
Hometown & State Oconomowoc WI
Race Car / Year / Make / Model Neil and Parks FED
Engine Combo 417 Donovan
Best ET & MPH 5.9 @240
Crew Members Driver : John Lorbiecki
Crew Chief : Dale Suhr
crew: mike McDonough, Rick Shepard, John Lorbiecki Sr , Steve Duckworth, Matt Duckworth, Dan Voight
Sponsors & Special Thanks Custom floaters, competition products, American metal craft
Jim Young
Race Team Name Young Guns
Hometown & State Salem Wisconsin
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2007 front engine dragster CARE chassis
Engine Combo 402 Chrysler Hemi
Best ET & MPH 5.61 @ 264
Crew Members Mike Kern
Brian Spencer
Joe chart
Ben Chart
Joey Haas
DaNelle Borglin
Sponsors & Special Thanks Custom Floaters
American MetalCraft
Competition Products