Sean Bellemeur / Bartone Bros Racing

Hometown & State Placentia
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2022 Chevy Camaro
Engine Combo 521 BAE
Best ET & MPH 3.560 @ 216.66 1/8
Crew Members Steve Boggs- Crew Chief
Troy Green, Caveman, Nick Stoms, Justin Taylor, Dave Allen, Seth Shebester

Sponsors & Special Thanks Hussey Performance, Red Line Oil, Talon Air, Roger Dean Chevrolet, NGK Spark Plugs, Mastercam Cad/Cam Systems, Brad Anderson Enterprises, Taylor Motorsports
Steven Macklyn / Macklyn Racing

Hometown & State Salt Lake City Utah
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2013 Ford Mustang
Engine Combo 521 CI BAE
Best ET & MPH 3.67@207/5.52@265
Crew Members Mark Macklyn, Ryan Macklyn, Jerry Ostler, Bridget Ostler, Casey Ostler, Steve Robison
Sponsors & Special
Thanks Wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the following people:
B&J Racing Transmissions, NGK Spark Plugs, CP Carrillo, CleanBoost Oil
Megevap Coolers, Ynot Racing, Strasburg Family
Bill Bernard / BTnT Motorsports

Hometown & State Littleton
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2014 Ford Mustang
Engine Combo 528
Best ET & MPH 3.61 212 MPH
Crew Members Tony Eben, Jeff Flythe, Ryan Flythe, Andy Eben
Sponsors & Special Thanks Chase Copeland Race Cars, DMP Awnings, Mile High Crankshafts, QuickDrive Racing, B&J Transmission, Denver Metal Finishing, Industrial Chemical Corporation, DJ Safety, B&A Automotive Services, Backyard Gearheads, Cox Restoration, Performance Data Systems, Race Winning Brands, Cleanboost

Special Thanks: Chase Copeland, Chassis is a 2021 Copeland AND ESPECIALLY APRIL BERNARD
Ray Drew / Ray Drew Racing

Hometown & State Hales Corners,WI
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2014 Ford Mustang
Engine Combo 521AJPE
Best ET & MPH 5.47@268
Crew Members Kyle Hermberg, Frank Parker, Nick Lindner, Lisa Melteson
Sponsors & Special Thanks Sponsors " K W Manufacturing
High Performance Lubricants
2 time Jeg's Allstar Winner
National Event Winner
Regional Champion 2019
Kyle Smith / Smith Racing

Wichita, KS
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2009 Ford Mustang
Engine Combo 521 BAE
Best ET & MPH 3.63 @ 212, 5.50 @ 261
Crew Members Stan Smith, Cindy Smith, John Nitcher, Emily Nitcher, and Bret Loibl
Sponsors & Special Thanks My Parents, The Nitcher Family, NGK Spark Plugs, MAHLE Aftermarket (Clevite), Motorsports Unlimited, B&J Transmissions, Neal Chance Racing Converters, MGP Connecting Rods, Manley Performance, Amalie Oil, DJ Safety, and DMP Awnings
Shane Westerfield / Ruckman Brothers Racing

Hometown & State Lake Forest, Ca
Race Car / Year / Make / Model 2016 Chevy Camaro
Engine Combo 521ci BAE
Best ET & MPH 5.41 @ 273
Crew Members Crew Chief: Greg Vanderwende
Owners: Tim and Terry Ruckman
Crew: Jim DeFrancisco, Scott DeFrancisco, Matt Urcan, Scotty McDonald, Nash Ruckman
Sponsors & Special Thanks Sponsors: CP-Carrillo and NGK
Steve Burck / Wrangler Motorsports

Hometown: Corpus Christi Texas

2017 Camaro/ Hadman

Engine: 521 BAE / Best ET & MPH 5.46 @ 262

Crew Members: Kebin Kinsley Chief of Crew, Mark Mellor Bottom End, Mike Guger statistician/ advisor
Flash Rogers, green horn (son of Texas Funny builder and racer, Bill “Travelin Texan Funny Car. Bill also drove a Top Fuel dragster in the late 60’s owned by Blackie Blackard. I crewed on Bills Funny car from 1969 until he stopped racing in 1973.)
Sharon Burck, financial advisor, inspirationalist.

Sponsors & Special Thanks: Shores Ag Air, Robstown, Texas Arc Specialties, automated manufacturing systems, Houston Texas
Doug Gordon / Beta Motorcycles

Hometown: Paso Robles Ca

2020 JLM Camaro

Engine: 521 AJpE / Best ET & MPH 5.37 @ 273

Crew Members: Mike Gordon, Cheryl Gordon, Rick Wilkenson, Maddi Gordon, Macie Gordon.
Christina Gordon

Sponsors & Special Thanks: Beta Motorcycles, Lucas Oil, MB Cabinets, NGK Spark plugs
Bryan Brown / Bryan Brown Racing

Hometown: Gainesville, TX

2016 Camaro

Engine Combo AJPE

Best ET & MPH 3.63 @ 213, 5.48 @ 270

Crew Members: Clay Copeland, Chase Copeland, Jonathsn Johnson, Rick Lewelling

Sponsors & Special Thanks: Boost Performance Products, Copeland Race Cars, NAPA Hillsboro
Bill Bernard / BTnT Motorsports

Hometown: Littleton Co

2014 Ford Mustang

Engine: 528 BAE

Best ET & MPH 5.49 @ 262

Crew Members Tony Eben crew chief, Andy Eben car chief, Jeff Flythe bottom end
Ryan Flythe bottom end, Bill Bernard driver, cylinder heads

Sponsors & Special Thanks: B&A Automotive, Denver Metal finishing, Mgp Connecting rods
Mile High Crankshaft
Mark Billington / Sons of Thunder

Hometown: Prosper, TX

2011 McKinney Mustang

Engine: BAE

Best ET & MPH 5.65 256

Crew Members: Shawn Tuttle, Patrick Nixon, Steve Prince

Sponsors & Special Thanks: Jim and Annie Whitely for supporting the alcohol funny car class and this race
Jonathan Johnson / JKJ Motorsports

Hometown & State Woodway, Texas

2020 Chevrolet Camaro

Engine: Noonan

Best ET & MPH 3.68/207

Crew Members: Bryan Brown, Clay Copeland, Chase Copeland, David Prejean, Gary Miller
Randy Sample

Sponsors & Special Thanks: Elite Motorsports, Empire Iron Works, Capco Contractors, Inc.
JKJ Auto Parts, Boost Performance Products, Copeland Race Cars, DMP Awnings
Noonan Ultimate Race Engineering, CP-Carillo, Simpson Racing Products, Sander Engineering
Aryan Rochon / Rocycle

Hometown: Dade City Florida

2006 S&W with 2018 Camaro body

Engine: Brad 521

Best ET & MPH 5.54 262mph 3.65 206mph

Crew Members: Chris Mendola, Jessica Mendola, Alaina Mendola, Eddie Davis, Ben worthy
Richard Cohen

Sponsors & Special Thanks: Rocycle It asset management, Worthy motor sports
Ramm recycling